The Centre for Tissue Engineering

The Centre for Tissue Engineering (CTE) operates in the Faculty of Science, under the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

The CTE was established in the latter part of 2003 through a collaboration agreement between the TUT and Bone SA, in an effort to increase the availability of bone tissue for transplantation in South African patients.

Initially the small staff compliment of the CTE operated from the Arcadia campus of the university - as they endeavoured to establish a unique identity in a challenging environment.

Today, the Centre is located at the CSIR campus, operates in all provinces in terms of tissue procurement and delivers bone and tendon implants nationally to both private and state hospitals, clinics and surgeons through their distributing partner, Bone SA.

Whereas the initial work was focussed on the retrieval, processing and storage of bone and tendon, the CTE has added corneal tissue to its scope in 2011 and through collaboration added heart valves and skin in 2015. The CTE is now a true multi-disciplinary tissue bank that works for the improvement of quality of life for ordinary South Africans and helps in the effort to educate the general public on our collective responsibility to become organ and tissue donors.

Respect and dignity to the donor and his family, excellence in quality, loyalty and dedication of staff and a commitment to continue improvement are some of the pillars on which the CTE stands strong. While the South African context remains difficult in terms of donor numbers, the CTE strives to make positive contribution in the industry through relationship building, collaboration and support to its peers.

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The Centre for Tissue Engineering

Address:Building 19 D
627 Meiring Naude Street
Telephone:012 349 3500